Bethel AME Church

Stewards are responsible for assisting the pastor in keeping the membership on a high and sound spiritual level. Their major concern is with a:


  1.  Regular church records of all members,
  2.  Records of baptisms,
  3.  Record of marriages,
  4.  Record of deaths,
  5.  Record of transfer of members,
  6.  The support of the pastor and Presiding Elder,
  7.  The welfare of the sick and poor,
  8.  The preparation for the Lord’s supper,
  9.  The collection and payment of connection claims,
  10. Travel expense of pastor and delegate to conferences, connection all and educational meetings.


Everything that is of prior importance to the Pastor should also be of prior importance to every steward. Stewards are nominated by the pastor and confirmed by the quarterly conference.

The Steward Board meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:15pm.

Stewards for the 2018-2019 Conference year:
Jennifer Frazier
Shelma Lee
Reneta Powell
Ruth Smith
Margaret Willis