Bethel AME Church

This youth organization is designed to specialize in training young people for leadership in the missionary program of the AME church. It is under the auspices of the Women’s Missionary Society.

The spirit of Christian missions comes alive in young people when they learn about what needs to be done in the interest of others, and engage in projects which will provide the needed help. You must have opportunities to try out some of the projects which they think up. This is a way by which their ideas can be translated into living realities and make them true missionaries.

Missionary education is an important phase of Christian education. It is a natural and normal part of the regular educational work of the church. It is not designed for a selected few, nor is it primarily for young ladies. If young people are to become real first-class Christians, they must become interested in and part of something bigger than their local church.  Being involved in the mission program of our denomination gives young people an opportunity to become good neighbors at home and abroad.